Hastings Died While Prepping on Obama Exposé

Hastings’ death is being ‘psyoped’ to an ‘Obama’ connection? Only in the broadest sense of the term, IMO. It certainly appears from past information and restated in the article, that the CIA was the target of Hastings’ soon to be finished article. Hastings’ death sure seems to have the earmarks of a ‘Fidel poisoned toothpaste’ agenda.  A well referenced article with valid reasoning dealing with the supposed reason for the ‘assassination’. Consistent with the site title, Big Picture, the article also contains tangential information that is worth the noting.  Although, I’d need further documentation on anything presented by Veterans Today’s Duff and it’s group of self-admitted psyops and ex-psyops leadership.  The alternative, NSA information seems more relevant than an overworked birth certificate.  Remember, Hastings’ was top of the chain for US fascism reporting.  Snowden was posting information under an alias about the same time – it’s not ‘impossible’ that they would have known of each other.  And we’ve seen what they will do when it comes to NSA’s Snowden information – nothing firm here, but a viable hypothesis, but as noted, even that makes more sense than the supposed lame, tired ‘Oscama’ BC theory.

Update: There are several informative articles about hacking cars in general and by government, here is the latest one with Mike Hasting’s case addressed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ied7_tHkbbY#t=0

We’ve known for years ‘Oscama’s’ BC was ‘photoshopped’, and poorly at that.  Ed Ward, MD

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CNN and Anderson Cooper Caught Making Up Syrian Propaganda News https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/anderson-cooper-and-cnn-caught-staging-fake-news-about-syria-to-justify-military-intervention-videos/

“The primary “witness” that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments. Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar.

While Assad is definitely a tyrant like any head of state, a US invasion of the country is a worst case scenario for the people living there.

By pointing out that the mainstream media is orchestrating their entire coverage of this incident, we are not denying that there is a tremendous amount of death and violence in Syria right now. However, we are showing that the mainstream media version of events is scripted and staged propaganda.

The following video shows him contradicting himself while off air, and even asking crew members to “get the gunfire sounds ready” for his video conference with Anderson Cooper on CNN.” Article continues with 3 video sources and links… http://intellihub.com/2013/08/29/cnn-correspondent-syria-exposed-actor-caught-multiple-lies/  Dr Ed

Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum  https://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/the-real-truth-about-religion-and-its-origins/

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